Hair Strokes - £285

Microblading is tiny hair like strokes implanted into the skin with pigment. This gives an extremely natural effect, filling gaps and enhancing your shape. This 'barely there' look frames your face and is a real hit with clients looking for a truly natural result. 

*Price includes 6-8 week touch up

Hair Strokes & Shading - £295 

For some clients microblading alone isn't enough, especially when they are used to using brow make-up already. Gentle but defining shading gives a gentle powdered look, really filling through the background of the brow whilst still giving a 3-dimensional look and the depth of a real brow. This treatment combines both microblading hair strokes & background shading.  

*Price includes 6-8 week touch up

For examples please see gallery, we can discuss which option would suit you best during consultation. 

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